Balconies and Terraces

Enduring considerable stress from the elements, top quality design and construction are vital in the creation of a balcony or terrace. Tile and stone are ideal partners to these external features, being durable, easy to clean and attractive.

Schlüter-Systems offers a variety of products to assist with the specification of tile and stone in balcony and terrace applications. Various combinations of these products are used in the design of common balcony and terrace features, such as cantilevered balconies, ground level terraces and roof terrace assemblies.

Within our range of balcony and terrace solutions you’ll find:
• Exterior Linear Drainage Systems
• Exterior Point Drainage Systems
• Pedestal Systems
• Balcony Profiles and Gutter Systems
• Area Drainage Mats

Structural Assembly Documents

Pedestal Systems

Enabling the creation of a loose-lay assembly, pedestal systems provide a sturdy and versatile solution to supporting large format pavers.


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Exterior Linear Drainage Systems

We carry linear drains specifically for exterior use, amply able to cope with the volumes of water that a typical exterior feature will be subjected to in the UK.


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Exterior Point Drainage Systems

Draining water away courtesy of four falls, a point drain system offers a traditional take on drainage. Both vertical and horizontal drains are available for exterior features.

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Balcony Profiles and Gutter Systems

Our specialist balcony profiles finish off the edges of exterior assemblies, whilst our gutter systems ensure that water is carried safely away.


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Area Drainage Mats

To support and drain exterior features effectively requires a solution that operates across the whole area. Our range of area drainage mats and covering assemblies provides the ideal solution.


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