Drainage Systems

Efficient drainage ensures that a wetroom remains safe to use and mould-free. Schlüter-Systems' sleek drainage solutions include both linear and point (gully) options.

All our drainage channel bodies are supplied with a pre-adhered collar of waterproofing membrane, to allow for secure connection to bonded waterproof assemblies.

To finish the assembly, a full spectrum of drain grates is available - from statement designer options to subtle, tileable covering supports.

Linear Drainage Systems

Schlüter-Systems carries a concise range of linear drains in lengths from 50-180mm, providing stylish and functional solutions for the effective drainage of shower areas.

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Point Drainage Systems

The more traditional choice for drainage, Schluter-Systems' range of point drain solutions includes options with horizontal or vertical outlets, to suit a variety of situations.


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Preformed Shower Trays (Point)

Schlüter-Systems carries a carefully compiled selection of preformed shower trays for use alongside its point drains. The necessary falls of 2% from all four sides of the tray are ready-incorporated to ease the installation of tile and stone and comply with British Standards.

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Preformed Shower Trays (Linear)

Schlüter-Systems' range of preformed shower trays for use with linear drains are pre-sloped to match the requirements of BS5385-3:2014.


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Drainage Systems for Exterior Use

Draining water away courtesy of four falls, a point drain system offers a traditional take on drainage. Both vertical and horizontal drains are available for exterior features.

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