Our Ethos

  • Education first and foremost
  • A pragmatic approach achieves beautiful installations and all-round project protection
  • Integrated systems and accessible documentation
  • Solutions that benefit the whole construction chain

Education increases confidence and creativity

“Our products cannot be sold, they must be understood.” – Werner Schlüter

This ethos, outlined by company founder, Werner Schlüter, underpins our educational focus. Gaining a proper understanding of the solutions that are available to you maximises confidence and creativity, as well as improving workflow.

Committed to excellence in training, Schlüter works in partnership with many organisations, including The Tile Association, Stone Federation Great Britain, and RIBA. Our training emphasis also extends through to our staff, who engage in a continuous programme of learning and development.

A practical approach to preparation and protection

The success of every tile or stone installation is rooted in proper preparation. With practicality coursing through our veins, we help you to achieve better results. Our emphasis on learning also has a wider purpose: showing how the right approach can benefit projects as a whole.

Enabling easy specification of tiling systems

We know that tiling systems are but one of the many aspects you’ll deal with in a project, so we endeavour to make your life as easy as possible:

• A systems-led approach to product development ensures that each new release benefits the existing portfolio, allowing you to source a complete package of protection from one, market leading manufacturer.

• Supporting documentation, including technical datasheets, BIM objects and NBS clauses, is openly available for your research and use.

• CPD presentations, to provide introductions to key areas for consideration, are available to book at your convenience.

Advantages for all project partners

Schlüter-Systems’ solutions benefit the whole construction chain: from specifier, to contractor, to client. As well as being easy to specify, they are easy to install, aiding quicker project completion whilst maintaining the highest levels of finesse and protection.


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