Illuminating Spaces in a Residential Property

Stunning LED Feature Wall Created in Residential

A living space is often seen as the vibrant social hub of a home – somewhere to have a catch up and a cup of tea, a place to entertain guests or the ideal spot to relax after a busy day. For a luxury residential property in Longfield, Kent, the perfect opportunity to create ambiance with the help of a backlit feature wall using multiple products from Schlüter-System presented itself, ensuring that the large and open living room could be a place to welcome guests.

Taking advantage of the high ceilings and natural light available, a 5m tall porcelain tile feature was mounted to one of the walls. Already a beautiful space to begin with, this eye-catching element elevated the area with the help of Schlüter-LIPROTEC lighting profile, framing the feature for a stunning focal point within the room.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD in 19mm thickness was used to build the wall out and sufficiently prepare the area for the addition of the tile feature. The lightweight backerboard is a perfect substrate for tile and stone installations, and the easy to cut material makes it ideal for bespoke projects such as this one.

The project was undertaken by Daniel Berry of ATD Design Solutions who comments, “To create a stand-out feature using tiles, there needs to be reliable substrate which will ensure the structure will last for years to come. In using KERDI-BOARD, this was easily achieved.”

The LED profile Schlüter-LIPROTEC-WS produced an indirect lighting element to accentuate the structure and provide a statement finish. It also softened the look of the tile, making any harsh edges disappear to ensure a warm and welcoming environment. An array of different colour variants are available with the LIPROTEC lighting profile, giving the client creative control of their living space.

To finish the tiled wall off with style and ensure long-term protection of the impressive feature, the Schlüter-QUADEC cross brushed aluminium finishing profile in quartz grey was installed around the tile edges. This profile was also used in the design of a smaller feature with the same tiles, this time creating a backdrop for a television mounted to the wall.

Daniel adds, “When the client advised they wanted something eye-catching in the main living space, it was an obvious choice to suggest a feature wall with LIPROTEC which would create the wow-factor they were after. The profile is easy to install and creates the perfect soft lighting effect which looks great alongside the chosen tile.”

Not only were Schlüter products used for the LED feature wall in the downstairs living area, but some were also installed in the master bathroom. This included a Schlüter-KERDI-LINE linear drain and Schlüter-KERDI-SHOWER-LTS shower board, Schlüter-KERDI-200 to waterproof the walls and Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-DUO to provide uncoupling, waterproofing and acoustic reduction.

Another striking element the client wanted to accentuate within the master bathroom was the unique tile design which had a luxurious vein of rich chocolate brown running through it to create a marbled effect – to tie this in with the rest of the bathroom, a Schlüter-SHELF in the colour bronze was installed, which made the whole area coordinate and finished the room off perfectly, offering a seamless storage solution.

Using these popular Schlüter products in unique ways that benefitted both the form and function of each area meant that multiple features were added to the home with ease. This transformed different areas of the house to ensure a welcoming and memorable experience for visitors.