Lunch and Learn Sessions

Short, Sharp and Sweet

Looking for bite-size learning for particular product ranges? Our Lunch and Learn sessions are crafted to help.

These highly focused sessions home in on a number of different products within Schlüter’s portfolio, discussing uses and distinguishing features as well as stimulating creativity. All sessions are inclusive of lunch and delivered within a 30-minute session.

Current Lunch and Learn Sessions available:

• Schlüter-PROFILES for Walls (Wall corners and edge profiles)
• Schlüter-PROFILES for Floors (Edge profiles for floor coverings)
• Schlüter-JOLLY (Contemporary discreet wall profiles)
• Schlüter-TRENDLINE (Textured tones for tile and stone)
• Schlüter-TREP (Stair nosing profiles for tile and stone)
• Schlüter Drain Grates and Shelves (Designer drain grates and shelves)
• Schlüter Finishes to Work in Harmony (Blend, accent or contrast with tile and fixtures)
• Schlüter-LIPROTEC (Illuminated profile technology)
• Schlüter-DILEX (Movement joints to complement tile and stone)

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