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Tile and stone are popular, practical covering materials for a wide range of situations. With this in mind, Schlüter-Systems provides a diverse portfolio of products to target common issues with installations.

Encompassing everything from support behind the scenes right up to final finishing touches, our solutions ensure that your designs go the distance. In addition, an emphasis on integrated systems for key areas streamlines the specification process.

Balconies and Terraces

We provide exterior drainage, uncoupling and finishing options to support these often-complex features. Our range of solutions for this area guards against the failure of tile and stone coverings and facilitates the effective evacuation of water.

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Wetrooms and Waterproofing

Experiencing daily use and high levels of moisture, wetrooms and bathrooms require secure waterproofing measures and appropriate drainage. Protection is assured with the help of our waterproofing membranes, backerboards, drainage systems and more.

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Underfloor Heating Systems

Conductive, durable and luxurious, tile and stone are the ideal partners to underfloor heating. We have developed electric and wet underfloor heating systems designed to handle movement within a heated floor assembly and create long-lasting results.

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Uncoupling and Movement Joints

A crack-free finish for tile and stone is assured with our range of uncoupling mats and movement joints. These products work together as a complete system solution to deal with the stresses that a covering is subjected to as part of an overall assembly.

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Tile profiles (or trims) protect the edges of tile and stone from damage, as well as adding visual finesse. Available in various finishes, our extensive collection includes standard and retrofit profiles for walls, floors, stairs, skirting and more.

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Substrate Creation

To achieve a high-calibre finish, the creation of a smooth and stable substrate prior to the installation of tile and stone is essential. We offer a screed construction system for floors and a backerboard/construction panel for walls, both of which can be used to create a quick and quality foundation.

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The reduction of sound within a floor assembly improves the privacy credentials of a room and reduces disruption. Our concise range of acoustic solutions helps to achieve your requirements on this front.


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