The Newt Hotel & Spa, Somerset

A Luxury Renovation and Restoration

Schlüter-Systems undertile heating and waterproofing products were used in a complete renovation and restoration of a Hotel and Spa in Somerset.


The Newt Hotel and Spa is a stunning country estate surrounded by beautiful gardens, nestled within the heart of Somerset. A recent project saw its impressive renovation and restoration, with the help of expert advice and support offered by Schlüter-Systems paired with some of their key products.

The project consisted of three different areas: Hadspen House, The Farmyard and Barton Spa. The spa was designed from scratch to serve as an enticing draw for guests to relax, whilst other Schlüter products were utilised in the other areas of the project.

Barton Spa

Schlüter took on the most significant role for the creation of certain elements of the newly built spa facilities which adjoined Hadspen House.

Schlüter-KERDI-BOARD was heavily used in the creation of multiple focal points within the spa area, including the vanity units in the male and female changing rooms. The portico around one of the doors in the main spa was a particularly exciting element which has added character to the space. The flexibility of the tile backerboard allowed for 20mm Carrara Marble to be fixed over to create a luxurious finish.

Heating elements were also provided with the help of Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-DUO, the electric undertile heating system. Featuring a studded uncoupling membrane into which heating cables are clipped and securely held in place, it ensures an even and consistent heating experience which is imperative for a commercial area such as this one.

The system was used on benches and seats which were then clad with the same marble, meaning that there was a uniform look with the desired comfort element provided alongside it – resulting in the perfect spa experience guaranteed.

The installation of Barton Spa was carried out but Bristol Marble, who are Schlüter approved installers.

Hadspen House

Already a beautiful Georgian Manor House with a rich history, Hadspen House undertook a restoration ensuring it would be future proofed for years to come whilst keeping hold of the charm.

Whilst the whole manor was given an upgrade, the main work carried out by Schlüter Systems was to provide the appropriate systems to add underfloor heating elements to the guest bathrooms. This involved using the reliable and popular Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-DUO to offer guests a level of indulgence to match the inviting ambiance of the hotel and spa. Schlüter-KERDI-LINE drains were also used in all showers. SHC Tiling, who are based in Bath, supplied the marbles tiles used to create the beautiful bathroom finishes, meaning both function and flair were added.

The Farmyard

Originally a Grade 2 listed farmhouse and several outbuildings, The Farmyard undertook a substantial conversion to create accommodation, a Farm Shop and Cider Press which gave the estate an even stronger sense of community.

One challenge which presented itself almost immediately was the need to find simple ways of seamlessly incorporating modern products and practises into a building that has deep roots into the past. There was a desire to keep many of the original features whilst creating design elements which were contemporary and ticked all the boxes.

In the case of the bathrooms, this involved utilising the Schlüter-KERDI-LINE drainage system to reduce height build up. To offer guests comfort and luxury, Schlüter-DITRA-HEAT-E was also used in the bathrooms for underfloor heating.

The project was an exciting way to breathe new life into an estate that was already full of personality, ensuring it would be enjoyed for years to come. Being able to develop key areas of Barton Spa with waterproofing and undertile heating products which were also utilised in both Hadspen House and The Farmyard shows just how versatile Schlüter products can be.

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