Uncoupling & Movement Joints

A tile or stone covering will inevitably have different properties to the substrate that it is installed above. In adhering the tile or stone directly to the substrate, the layers are rigidly bound together and their differing reactions to the environment result in tension and crack formation.

To solve this problem, Schlüter-Systems developed the market-leading uncoupling membrane, Schlüter-DITRA. Installed between the substrate and the tile or stone covering, this polyethylene matting allows the two layers to move independently and neutralises stresses.

Schlüter-Systems’ movement joints work in conjunction with DITRA-25 to provide a complete system solution for crack-free installations. A variety of practical yet discreet movement joints are available to absorb the stresses of expansion and contraction across the tile or stone covering.

Our range of products for crack-free tile and stone include:

• Uncoupling Membranes
• Structural Movement Joints
• Intermediate Movement Joints
• Connection/Perimeter Movement Joints
• Screed Expansion Joints

Uncoupling Membranes

Uncoupling membranes were developed to ensure a crack-free finish for tile and stone in thin-bed assemblies. Our DITRA range has become a universal name in uncoupling technology and offers variants for interior and exterior use.

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Structural Movement Joints

The structural movement joints of a building must be continued through to the tile covering. We offer a select range of joints for this purpose, in aluminium and stainless steel.

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Intermediate Movement Joints

Dividing a large tile or stone installation into smaller fields, intermediate movement joints isolate and absorb stresses, preventing damage to the covering as a whole. Our range includes stainless steel, aluminium and PVC joints to suit your requirements.

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Connection / Perimeter Movement Joints

Connection and perimeter joints ensure neat handling of junctions, with the former managing connections with building elements and the latter dealing with changes of plane. Our collection includes stainless steel, aluminium and PVC joints for easy maintenance of these areas.

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Screed Expansion Joints

Screed expansion joints allow for the creation of expansion joints in screed layers to relieve stress. We carry a range of stainless steel and PVC joints for your projects.

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