Wetrooms and Waterproofing

Offering a stylish finish, with a distinct air of quality, tiles and natural stone are the ideal pairing to a wetroom. On their own, however, they do not constitute a waterproof finish; these materials, and to an even greater extent the grout often used alongside them, are merely water-resistant.

In order to achieve a waterproof result, tiles and natural stone require support behind the scenes. This comes in the form of waterproof membranes and backerboards, which when properly installed prevent water ingress for the lifetime of the installation.

Inadequate waterproofing in bathrooms and wetrooms can spell disaster, not only for the room in question but also the building as a whole. Schlüter-Systems offers integrated waterproofing and wetroom systems to protect your projects. Our solutions for this area ensure you achieve functional spaces that show off designs to best effect.

Within our range you’ll find everything you need to specify a fully waterproof wetroom solution, including:

• Tanking membranes and backerboards
• Drainage systems
• Drain grates
• Adhesives, bands and fastenings
• Ancillary products

Tanking Membranes & Backerboards

Whether you're looking for a waterproof tanking membrane for plasterboard, or a ready-waterproofed tile backerboard, Schlüter-Systems has the solutions you require. We also carry a variety of prefabricated waterproof elements, to make light work of a number of bathroom and wetroom features.

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Drainage Systems

Efficient drainage ensures that a wetroom remains safe to use and mould-free. Schlüter-Systems' sleek drainage solutions include both linear and point (gully) options, ranging from statement designer options to subtle, tileable covering supports.

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Drain Grates

To finish a drainage assembly, a full spectrum of drain grates is available from Schlüter-Systems - from statement designer options to subtle, tileable covering supports. All are manufactured from high quality solid stainless steel.


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Adhesives, Bands & Fastenings

Schlüter-Systems carries a succinct range of adhesives and bands for achieving waterproof sealing of membrane and backerboard joints. In this section, you'll also find washers, anchors and screws for use with our tile backerboard.

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Ancillary Products

As well as providing the waterproofing and drainage solutions you require, we also carry additional items to support your wetroom designs. Explore our ancillary products, including integrated shelving and specialist profiles.


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